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Fairlawn Fire Department unveils new sign

By David Paulk correspondent

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Fire dept.sign 2
Fairlawn Fire Department firefighters hold up the new sign Monday to be placed outside of the building. (David Paulk/

FAIRLAWN: The Fairlawn Fire Department is getting a new sign this year.

Steve Brant, a full-time fire fighter and member of the Fairlawn Fire Fighters and Rescue Association, presented the sign at Monday night’s city council meeting. He said the department felt it was time for its sign to reflect the new badge that fire fighters wear.

“We were just out one day and thought maybe we should look into updating the sign,” Brant said.

According to Brant, the decision to get a new sign was not made lightly. He said the department was already making a few changes around the building, such as improving countertops, and getting new pots and pans.

“It just seemed like a good time to do it,” Brant said.

Fire Chief Russ Hose said funding for the new flag comes from donations and money raised when the department checks fire hydrants. He said they are reimbursed by the city for making sure fire hydrants are working properly.

Hose said the new sign costs around $1,500.

The sign is modeled after the badge fire fighters wear on their uniforms. The badge was updated in 2007, which was the department’s 25th anniversary. But it wasn’t until this year that fire fighters decided to update the buildings sign to match the new badges.

Chief Hose said the department plans on keeping the old sign. He said they might hang it up somewhere inside the building, but there no are definite plans.

The Fairlawn Firefighters and Rescue Association was founded in 1980. It is an organization that finds new ways to give back to community such as sponsoring scholarships.