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Copley school board elects Calderone as president

By David Paulk correspondent

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COPLEY: The Copley-Fairlawn school board elected a new president during its meeting Thursday.

Former Vice President Kenneth Calderone is taking over the position, which was previously held by Jessica Vargo.

The board’s decision to select Calderone was unanimous.

With Calderone moving up to president, Sue Emich was selected to take over the role of vice president.

Being president is not unexplored territory for Calderone. He said this is actually the third time he has been elected school board president. For him, the position is simply a way to make sure the basic goals of the board are met.

“The label of being president is really more of an administrative level just to run the meetings,” Calderone said. “Any issue that comes up goes through the board and we deal with it collectively.” 

Although he has taken the helm of the board again, Calderone is confident the board will continue to make its decisions as a whole. He said his new role would not alter the direction of the board of education.

“Our board works cohesively as a unit,” Calderone said.