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Local playwright discusses her upcoming production at New Hope Baptist Church

By Heather Beyer correspondent

COPLEY TWP: Amber Cobb is a woman who wears many hats as she prepares for the opening of her play, “Ready or Not Here He Comes,” at 7 p.m. Saturday at the New Hope Baptist Church, 1706 S. Hawkins Ave., Akron.


Cobb wrote, directed, produced and will act in the production.


 “This experience has been rewarding to me because through the process from the beginning I have seen my dreams unfold,” Cobb said. “I have also seen the love, support and excitement of so many people.”


“One of the key themes in the play is family,” Cobb said. “The play is centered around family, hard times and coming together.”


In her play, Cobb tells a story of a young boy, “Mikey” who is raised by his grandmother who is older and reaching the end of her life. Her last wish is to help her grandson who is struggling in life and she desperately wants him to see the light before time runs out.


“My inspiration for this particular play came from my observation and witnessing the lack of faith and preparation in the church concerning the return of Christ,” said Cobb.


The cast of 18 is comprised of many actors and singers. Featured in the performance are: Amir Askew, Nicolette Decatur, Vanessa Buchanan, Robert Hunt Jr., Carolyn Bland-Boakye, DeAndra Cobbin, Richard Cash, DeAna Wansley and Trinity Moore.


Cobb said that every member of the cast brings something unique to the performance.


“What makes my plays unique from other plays is that every message ends in hope,” Cobb said. “At the end, where the audience can reflect on their lives and begin to choose which road they want to take.” 


Cobb said that although this opportunity provided her with a leadership experience, she will still continue to learn and grow.


She credits her mother Rachelle Cobb and her Pastor, Rev. David Nelson as the most important people in her life and they assisted her with the production.


Cobb said that she was constantly reminded to never be afraid to ask for help and it is always better to work together.


“I hope that from this play, the audience can take away with them the courage to stand up and stand out on their faith -- leaving better than how they came … No matter the circumstance or what others may say, never forget who you are, “Cobb said. “It is never too late to dream and be who God wants you to be. You were born on purpose so live in purpose.”