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Local cupcakery offers healthier dessert options

By Heather Beyer correspondent

FAIRLAWN: Pure deLite Guilt-free Cupcakery in the Merchant's Square Plaza off Ghent Road is a hidden gem that sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. 

Customers are greeted by the sweet aroma of cupcakes from the very moment they walk through the door.

“When you first walk in you just want to try them all and eat them all,” customer Megan Stefanik said. 

Customers are able to indulge because of the healthier way the cupcakes are prepared. 

“We call them guilt-free because all of what we make has half the calories, fat and sugar of a normal cupcake the same size as ours,” CEO Rachel Hough said. 

Hough said that the cupcakery uses organic ingredients in making all of their cupcakes, cakes, pies, cookies, French macaroons, cake balls, and biscotti.  

“We use one hundred percent organic whole wheat flour and organic pure cane sugar, and no sugar substitutes at all,” Hough said. “We also have gluten-free products and vegan products. “ 

Pure deLite offers over 140 flavors on their menu. However, Hough said that the most popular cupcake is their “Original Cupcake.”

The “Original Cupcake” is a chocolate cake with miniature peanut butter cups (from Amish Country) baked into the cake. The cupcake is frosted with the shops signature chocolate peanut butter frosting, followed by a drizzle of freshly made chocolate ganache and topped with another miniature peanut butter cup.  

“It just so happens that this is the very first cupcake flavor that I came up with, but it has proven to be the best seller,” Hough said.  

Cindy Price is a fan of the “Original Cupcake” and has visited the shop several times with her daughter after hearing a positive review from a friend. 

“We like that the cupcakes are healthier and low-fat and they taste really good,” she said. “It’s hard to believe they are low-fat because they are that good.” 

“We can't take credit for the amazing combination of chocolate and peanut butter, we just successfully translated it into cupcake form and people love it,” Hough said. 

Hough said that she “is very lucky to have such amazing customers that help spread the word about our business.”

“We are so proud of what we have come up with and once people try our cupcakes they are amazed that a healthier cupcake can actually taste better than a normal high calorie, oil laden, shortening in the frosting, too much sugar cupcake you would get somewhere else,” Hough said.

Not only are the cupcakes unique but also the décor of the shop. 

“We didn't want a traditional pink girly looking cupcake shop,” Hough said. “We wanted a place that was relaxing to men and women as surprisingly men don't love to be surrounded by pink all the time. We wanted a place that reflected what our cupcakes stood for; a step above the rest, sophisticated, gourmet.”

Hough and her team choose to use a lot of green in their color choices for the Fairlawn store and natural or rustic looking materials such as reclaimed wood shelves and galvanized steel on the front of their counters.

“We try to invoke that good-for-you feeling of organic and natural, but we throw in unexpected surprises with chandeliers and modern looking furniture to give it that sophisticated feel,” Hough said.

Hough said she “is grateful to have amazing employees who are sticklers for quality and go above and beyond for our customers.” “ If a batch doesn't come out just right for some reason as baking is very temperamental, you can bet we are going to start over and bake them again to make sure they are perfect,” she said.