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Council member's proposed amendment defeated

By David Paulk/ correspondent Published: November 20, 2012

FAIRLAWN: Council members denied a proposed amendment an ordinance, which would limit the president’s term at Monday night’s meeting.

The amendment, which was proposed by council member Barbara Potts of Ward 2, would have limited council presidents to five consecutive one-year terms.

Potts said the current rule, which allows a person to remain in president role indefinitely, is unfair. But she was the only member of council who felt that way. No other council member seconded her amendment.

“There have been people in there forever,” Potts said. “My point was I wanted to limit it to five years.”

The ordinance Potts wanted to amend involves the set of rules City Council members have to follow. The ordinance passed 6-1. She was the lone council member who disagreed with its passing.

She also thought limiting the time frame of president would provide others a chance to hold the position. City council president Russell Sharnsky said the council just didn’t see a need to add Potts' amendment to the ordinance.